I have a bridge to sell you.
– George C. Parker

pexels-photo-859890Being a landlord is easy. Or so some say. Others think.

Landlords might comment, “If you think being a landlord is easy, they have a property (or even a bridge) to sell you.” They may offer you a specific tenant too.

Why do people become landlords?

Opportunity. Necessity. Or, in some cases, they truly enjoy it. However, being a landlord isn’t for everyone. And, if you’ve chosen that path (or it’s chosen you), you will need help. That help should come in the form of a “team” of professionals. Accountant. Attorney. Property manager. Real estate agent. Or any combination of those folks.

How we can help

Our background gives us unique perspective into the life of a landlord. We’re also familiar with the law – including the recent changes to Landlord/Tenant proceedings in the State of New York in April, 2019.

Personally, we’ve invested in the local market. Handled tenant selection. Housing standards compliance. Negotiated leases and termination. Some of which result in evictions. Between our law practice, and businesses, we’ve seen, heard and dealt with many situations. That collective knowledge is added value, at no additional cost.

Our Landlord/Tenant Services

  • Lease preparation
  • Lease negotiations
  • Evictions for non-payment
  • Evictions for holdovers (those staying after a 30-day notice or lease expiration)
  • Evictions for violation of lease, including local laws

Interested in putting our services to use for your benefit? Call, email or contact us today!


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