A little about Annie … 

Daughter of a contractor and a Certified Professional Accountant with her own practice, Annie’s “small town” upbringing came with real world experience. Seeing and speaking to Ann you’ll understand quickly that she’s engaging. She cares. About you, and how she can help. Much of that comes from meeting people through her family’s business, and helping them deal with taxes – one of only two certainties in a person’s life.

Surrounded by family in the Tri-State Area of New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania, she can tell you the pluses and minuses of growing up in a Delaware River Town. Better yet, she enjoys hearing about you. Building relationships. Establishing a rapport, even though her time in your life may be limited to a transaction – business formation, real estate closing, or representation in court. Still, the hope is always that she becomes your point person – your “go to” if the need for representation arises, even if she’s referring you to a contact.

Personally, Annie resides her in hometown of Matamoras, Pennsylvania. Eventually expecting to reside in either New York or New Jersey, she believes that her personal ties to the Tri-State area drew her back. Much like with Bill, her family sits atop those items that drew her back. That, plus the ability to serve her hometown community using her ever-expanding knowledge and skills.

… her education

Academically, Annie graduated from Delaware Valley High School in Milford, Pennsylvania. Next, attending Kutztown University, she earned acceptance to UMass at Dartmouth School of Law. Success at UMass, a result of hard work on campus, in work-study and off-campus in an area law firm, put her in a position to sit for the July 2019 bar entrance examination in New York. Following receipt of her results she aims to seek admission in New York and New Jersey, giving the firm further reach.

… her professional experience

Having worked with lawyers in Massachusetts and New York, Annie brings a wealth of experience in transactional matters. From researching real estate titles for the purpose of creating an abstract, to drafting business, real estate and estate materials, she’s learned in “hands-on” atmospheres. Internship experience in the Orange County, New York District Attorney’s office gave Annie a birds eye view of criminal law too. Working alongside seasoned professionals in and out of the courtroom, she’s familiar with the criminal law system.

Although not an accountant, Annie also brings experience related to the compilation and review of personal and business tax information in connection with a family accountancy practice. There she also helped manage office matters, making it easier to relate to clients operating their own business.