William A. (“Bill”) Onofry

A little about Bill …

As the son of a local contractor and teacher, business and education were front and center in Bill’s life. From his father, he absorbed the ins and outs of small business and construction. His mother, the ever-constant educator, pushed him to learn. Both emphasized the need to treat people well; they helped him understand how people think, learn and express themselves.

Taking that to heart, and putting it to practice earlier than most, he worked his way through the ranks of a local law firm. Owned and operated by his uncle, a well-respected Orange County, New York attorney that focused on transactions, he started as a file clerk. Then secretary. Then law clerk. Eventually, with his education in hand, he came back home to work as an attorney.

… his education

Graduating from Port Jervis High School, Bill attended Moravian College; Bill earned his B.S. in Business Management and Political Science. On top of his studies, he participated in the following:

Technically post-grad employment from 2001-02, but characterized as a huge learning experience, Bill took on the role of “Chapter Leadership Consultant” for the Delta Tau Delta Fraternity. Based in Carmel, Indiana, he traveled out to the headquarters, received training on Stephen Covey’s 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, leadership management, recruitment, finances, etc., and hit the road. Armed with his knowledge, laptop and duffel bag of clothes, he spent an average of 3 days at each campus. Driving more than 30,000 miles that year, he worked with undergraduates, alumni, and higher education personnel throughout Idaho, Washington, Oregon, California, Arizona, and then back east in Pennsylvania; he helped manage, build, plan and change the lives of individuals, and the groups as a whole, for the better.

Following that one-year experience, he attended Pace University School of Law in White Plains, New York. Classes beyond the “bar courses” focused on business, real estate, estate planning and tax. Graduating with a Juris Doctor degree cum laude, he also takes pride in these accomplishments:

  • Pace Environmental Law Review – Research and Writing Editor
  • Research Ass’t – Profs. Bridget J. Crawford and Thomas M. McDonnell
  • Barrister’s Guild (Student Networking Organization) – Founder
  • Student Bar Association Scholarship Recipient

and his professional experience

Exiting law school and entering the practice of law wasn’t much of a transition. Part-time work during the third year of law school turned into full time. After bar prep and the exam, of course.

Working closely with his uncle and eventually handling cases on his own, from beginning to end, Bill found his own niche. He also took time to explore his continued love for business and real estate. Working with various partners for more than 15 years, he’s learned first-hand about the “do’s and don’ts” of real estate investing. All in all, it gives him a well-rounded background that pays dividends for his clients.