Organized in 2014, the Law Office of William A. Onofry, PLLC is based in Port Jervis, New York. It’s owned and operated by William A. (“Bill”) Onofry.

Why choose us?

When people look at the options, price is sometimes the deciding factor. Here, while we charge what we believe is a fair price based on our level of service and experience, we focus on people. Relationships. To us, it’s a question of value. Your value to us, and our value to you.

Who are you hiring to represent you?

The team consists of Bill, Ann and Kim.  While two of us hold law degrees, and the other a paralegal degree, the fact remains that we all contribute to client matters. Titles don’t define us. Our work. Our relationships with clients. Our repeat business. That defines us.

What makes this firm unique?

Between Bill and Ann there are decades of legal experience in law offices and the courts. Each, however, brings real world experience to the practice too. Collectively, they bring a personal touch to this profession. Aiming at building relationships with clients that result in repeat business time and again.

Want to learn more about us? Check out our bios using the links below: 

William A. (“Bill”) Onofry

Ann D. (“Annie”) Walsh

William A. Onofry  Attorney
Business, Estates, Estate Planning & Landlord/Tenant

Ann D. Walsh  Law Clerk
Business, Estates, Estate Planning & Landlord/Tenant

Kim Polanis  Paralegal
Commercial & Residential Real Estate